VIDEO: SpaceCrate, the audio studio in a shipping container

SpaceCrate, the purpose-built audio recording and mixing facility in a shipping container, is working on its first production – a feature film being shot in a variety of UK locations, including Shepperton Studios.

The only SpaceCrate currently in existence, which was completed just a few months ago, has been brought in by the film producers to provide a properly-spec’d studio space for Audio Dialogue Replacement (ADR) on location.

SpaceCrate is a portable sound-proofed professional air-conditioned studio space housed in a standard 20-foot marine shipping container. The plug-and-play nature of SpaceCrate enables productions to quickly and straightforwardly add high-end recording and editing facilities when required.

It was designed and built by Ben Nemes, ex-Avid pro audio sales manager, AKA Design’s founder Guy Wilson and systems integrator Absolute Cad’s Mike Watson.

Broadcast visited SpaceCrate during a gap in the filming of the feature film, to film an interview with Nemes back at SpaceCrate HQ in Wood Green, North London (see below).

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JULIAN BRAY | 21-Jul-2017 2:07 PM

Delighted to see this, however the concept isn't new Rank Zerox used to prefabricate their exhibition stands in marine shipping containers and two of them side by side would make up the exhibition stand at Leipzig Trade Fair GDR East Germany in 1970! For film productions I produced two hair and make up trailer road going mobile units which could in the space of half an hour be turned into a location based production office using flyaway units.

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