Trust Me

“This was adrenaline for the body, but anaesthetic for the brain.”

“From scene one she steers Trust Me, while giving off an air of palpable paranoia.Trust Me acts like a cry for help for an organisation on its knees. For that reason, and Whittaker’s performance, it’s compelling viewing.”
Finlay Greig, The i

“Trust Me saw a fine actress leading a drama whose aspirations to seriousness were undermined by the basic fact that it was complete hokum…This was adrenaline for the body, but anaesthetic for the brain.”
Gabriel Tate, The Times

“Ambiguity adds a bit of complexity and interest to Trust Me. Plus there is the crossover with the real world – NHS in crisis, job shortages, low morale, no resources, etc. Otherwise, it’s not the subtlest or most nuanced of hospital dramas; it’s straightforward and well-signposted almost to the point of clunkiness. Closer to Casualty/Holby than Jed Mercurio’s dark, masterly Bodies.
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“It was so enjoyable, in fact, that you didn’t have time to consider whether the sensible, highly-skilled mother of a small child would put everything in such jeopardy in a flash, or why she didn’t stay in Sheffield to fight for her job.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express 

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