7. Will I still be able to get the main website on my mobile?

Yes, you can still access www.broadcastnow.co.uk from your phone — if you are browsing the mobile service, there is a link to the desktop site version at the bottom of each page. Please note, if you follow the link to the 'Desktop site' at the bottom of the mobile homepage — and your phone's browser is set to accept cookies — your preference to view the desktop site will be stored and you will not be shown the mobile site again. To reverse this setting, clear cookies from your browser and then set your browser to accept cookies once again.

8. Is m.broadcastnow.co.uk available worldwide?

Yes, all you need to access the mobile website is a handset capable of accessing the internet.

9. I've forgotten my password.  How do I find it?

If you have forgotten your password you will need to visit the desktop site to request it.

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